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  • Sport Cars Precision Autobody of Southeast Texas has years of craftsmanship and experience needed to repair your damaged sports car, foreign or domestic.
  • Import Cars We can provide auto body repairs to virtually any type of import car. From Smart cars to Mercedes Benz.
  • Trucks Auto body repairs for Fords, Chevys, dodges and even those big old FREIGHTLINERs.
  • Motorcycles & Four Wheelers We can fix those dents and dings in motocycles and four wheelers.
  • Suv’s Has your SUV or Hummer collided with another vehicle? We can fix it.
  • Domestic Cars If your car has been a victim of bodily mayhem on the road we can help.

We utilize CCC information Services for all of our Collision repair estimates, they are one of 3 estimating platforms used by AutoBody or Collision Repair Shops and most insurance companies. Most repair shops in the Golden Triangle and surrounding area use this software and database for current parts pricing information and the database is updated monthly through a subscription based service. Most shops use the same software since there are only 3 vendors and the differences in estimates are usually judgment calls on repair times. (i.e. Shop A might think it takes x hours to repair a panel and shop B might think it take y hours.) Most of the time the judgment labor times will be fairly close. All labor times to replace panels or remove and install (R&I) will be the same. The major differences come from one shop leaving parts off the estimate. Believe it or not some shops will leave parts off on purpose in order to have the lowest estimate. In fact some shops instruct their estimators to only write 80-90% of the estimate in order to get the job in the shop, then write the rest on a supplement estimate.

If you already have an estimate we would be more than happy to compare estimates or go over your estimate and explain every line item on the estimate, as well as missing items on the estimate. We will tell you that our estimates are generally higher than our closest competitors because we try to be very through in our estimating, this does not mean that we don't miss a part occasionally or that we have a part listed that may not be needed. In any case it is not uncommon to make adjustments to the estimate at time of repairs. Keep in mind that there is also the possibility of using a used part, we don't estimate for those because we can check availability on the day of the estimate, but they may no longer be available at the time of repair. Should you want to use these on a repair we will be more than happy to try an locate used parts at the time of the repair and will be more than happy to pass on any savings to you.

If you are in need of an estimate here’s what you should expect.

  • Unless the vehicle is severely damaged, most estimates take about 20-25 minutes.
  • Due to the complexity of most vehicles, estimates are merely that, an estimate.
  • While we make every attempt to write an accurate estimate we do miss items occasionally.
  • Most vehicles need to be disassembled in the area of damage and a full inspection of parts is generally needed.
  • If you are going to use your insurance company they will prepare an estimate or have a repair shop prepare an estimate. Please let the repair shop know if this is the case since each insurance company has their own set of guidelines that need to be followed.
  • Be aware that if you obtain different estimates the estimates will always vary.
  • Repairing a 2003 Tiburon

    Replacing the passenger door on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon that has had the door smashed in to the point where the window could not be opened. The finished job. Looks like a new car. The paint is matched and then the entire car is washed and cleaned.

  • Trailer Painting

    When Doug Reedy needed his trailer painted for his new company, FloodMasters, Precision Autobody was where he went to get the job done.